Tracing in Sketchup for Users

SketchUp is 3D based modeling software. It is used worldwide. Students, professionals both can use this software. By using this, users can create any number of 2D based and 3D based models. Users are also able to trace by using SketchUp. though SketchUp does not provide automatic tracing but tracing is possible by using SketchUp.

SketchUp is available as freeware with SketchUp Make and it also has a paid version named SketchUp Pro. It available with an online library named 3D warehouse. Free model assemblies like windows and vehicles are also available in this 3D based warehouse. Users can use and share this with many people.

This is not very tough to learn so users can easily learn to use this software. Though pro version has many options but users can work by using the free version also.

Scan2CAD helps the users to learn tracing through SketchUp. In SketchUp different ways for tracing an image for SketchUp CAD/CNC. Users are also able to download scan2CAD at free of cost.


Tracing is also known as vectorization. This process can convert a raster image to a vector image. Vectorization is a process like graphic design and engineering.

Vector images allow the crucial data to be attached to each element of an image. Vector images are scalable. So, users are able to display them at any size and quality of the image also remains. Users can easily edit every object within a vector image. While creating new designs users can reuse them also.

There is two type of tracing available here. One is manual tracing and another is automatic tracing.

Manual tracing: In this type of tracing users have to draw over a raster image. Users also can use tablet or graphics pen for a better version. Advantage of manual tracing is Users don?t need to use high quality raster images.

Automatic tracing: In this tracing conversion software is needed for using. This software is able to detect shapes and lines in the raster image and draw over the image with vector entities.

Tracing Process

To import images: Users have to click File > Import. Here size of the images does not matter. Users are able to alter the scale of image at the end. Users also can zoom the image to view.

To use bright color: Users have to click window > styles > profile. Before starting users have to pick the color of trace. Users must ensure that the colors bright for seeing it over the image.

To trace over image: Users have to use the drawing tools like line and arc. Users also can zoom the image to view it properly.

To alter the scale: After that users can alter the scale of the image without reducing the quality as per their choices.


1. If the image is complex then it can be time consuming using SketchUp.
2. Automatic tracing is not possible in this method.

Alternative Method

1. Users can easily vectorize the images using illustrator.
2. Users are able to export the vector paths in a DWG or DXF format.
3. If deadline of a project is about to meet then this method is very time saving process.
4. Automatic tracing is one of the best advantages of it.
5. Users are also able to do this by using CorelDRAW and Inkscape.


This software specializes in conversion of technical drawing for editing the vector images. Users are able to convert various types of drawing by using pre-programmed variable with the vectorization setting. Users also get a conversion that is very suited to particular image type. In a second users can convert contour maps, mechanical drawing or images for CNC. After all of that users can use the output vector in SketchUp or a CAD program.

Users are able to avoid common image issues and optimize the images by using scan2CAD?s raster and vector editing suite for getting the best result. This software has different raster effects and a raster quality checklist. By using this, users are able to fix any kind of problems. By using the Smart OCR users can train the software to recognize new fonts or handwriting. If the deadline of project is about to meet then users can use the batch processing to automate the conversion of more than hundred files at a time.

Last but not the least scan2CAD has a 14 days free trial version for the users. This trial version has no limitation. Users can take all the advantages of the free version to understand the software.

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Tracing in Sketchup for Users