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How to generate complicated truss roof with PlusSpec

This is a nice sketchup video tutorial presented by Andrew Dwight, the renowned technical advisor of sketchup. In this video, you can learn how to generate a prefabricated roof virtually with PlusSpec.

By creating the design of a building virtually prior to build up the actual construction, onsite problems and job costs are reduced significantly.

PlusSpec has the ability to generate trusses from external wall plate to external wall plate and there will be no internal load bearing. In PlusSpec, red trusses specify the location of most typical point loads. It is known as girder trust row.

In version 2016, skillion & dutch gable truss options are included to Roof Truss Tool. Truss tool facilitates the users to develop trussed roof framing.

To learn the complete process, go through the following video tutorial.

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How to generate complicated truss roof with PlusSpec