FrameModeler ? A useful sketchup extension for architects

BuildingPoint Korea is the developer of FrameModeler, the newest sketchup plugin available in extension warehouse.

It is a user-friendly architectural tool that is compatible with SketchUp 2018 and SketchUp 2019.

Instruction for set up

From Extension Warehouse, download the extension.

Run as Admin Sketchup.exe

If the installation process is successful, a text will be visible as "FrameModeler Install finish."

FrameModeler is compatible with elementary architecture components.

The users will be able to arrange the following architectural components with their fingertips.

1. Column
2. Beam
3. Wall
4. Slab
5. Grid

FrameModeler works out the area and volume of the material not including intersected faces and edges.

Model Information Tools:

1. Information Export Tool
a. Export Excel data

2. Choose model data from ModelInfo

3. Update Model Condition
a. Exclusive of intersected faces and edges, updating grid position.

Etc. Tools:

1. CutOff Tool
a. Open window tool

2. Line

Watch the online demonstration of this sketchup extension.

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FrameModeler ? A useful sketchup extension for architects