New Features in Sketchup 2021

After the pandemic situation in 2020, the new updated version of SketchUp 2021 is finally out.

The Background Foundation

The updated features of SketchUp 2021 are starting as suggestions from the existing users.

The first two new things are the logo and the new face on the axis while starting a new drawing. The new axis person is Sumele Aruofor. She is from Nigeria. She is Strategic Enterprise Marketing Manager at Trimble. She is a mother of two sons and creates multiple marketing campaigns in 2020. So an axial image of her represents the new upgraded version of SketchUp 2021.

The new logo suite includes logos and icons the following:

1. SketchUp
2. LayOut
3. 3D Warehouse
4. Extension Warehouse
5. PreDesign
6. StyleBuilder

The Official Announcement of SketchUp

There is an official announcement from SketchUp has happened. The announcement is ?After eight years of growth and evolution, a lot of thought went into this new mark,? and ??We wanted something simple, yet advanced that represents our brand foundation,? It is a very interesting fact that the new logos from SketchUp looks very simple but actually aren?t.

The New Starting

The main concern of modern architecture is if the surrounding situation is environment friendly or not. Environment friendly is the founding reason for the new PreDesign feature in SketchUp 2021. By using PreDesign, users can make their model environment friendly.

PreDesign siphons provide weather and atmospheric data to the users like the movement of the sun in a specific area. This data is really very helpful for the users who are going to make eco-friendly models. The local sun path diagrams now show the users exactly where to provide shade and to place solar panels.

The New Way of Managing Tags

One major updated feature is the new tag management feature. The new tag management system comprises Tag Folders. As users can organize the files into directories, users can organize the tags in folders in SketchUp and LayOut 2021.

This new tag management feature provides the users quicker locating, access, and visibility in and around the model. The bunches of tags grouped into folders. So users can easily handle that. Users can turn the whole folder-full of tags on or off to hide or unhide the things of the model.

Live Components

live components are available in the 3D Warehouse for the users. These new types of elements are programmed with the modeling logic that transforms their geometry with changing data. These are objects which can be configured that re-draw themselves automatically in real-time. So users do have the headache of erasing and redrawing a line.

The New World of SketchUp

conjure up a robust workflow is the main target of the SketchUp developers. SketchUp also said that ?Our 2021 SketchUp update and release represents as much of where we?ve come from, as where we are going. We are always thrilled to provide features that will compliment your work and maybe even make work a little fun. So, model away, and don?t stop telling us how we can improve for you.?

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New Features in Sketchup 2021
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