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A position is vacant for a Digital Production Technician (3D Modelling) in Buckinghamshire

Propshop Productions Limited, the most recognized 3d modeling service provider to the film, gaming and entertainment industries, is seeking a Digital Production Technician (3D Modelling) in Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire on permanent basis.


The deserving candidate must possess the following key responsibilities :-


• 3D Modelling
• Process and develop Photogrammetry, Laser, Artec and Lidar scan data following client spec Scan clean up
• Texture baking and clean up
• Mesh re-topology for props, characters, weapons and set dec
• Produce blend shapes for character facial animation
• Optimized UV’s and multi map generation
• High passing
• Make use of perfect real world scale constraints Develop game ready assets from scan data
• Porting assets into unreal engine
• Monitoring priorities and schedules
• Keep up a high standard of work customized to the requirements of the clients / projects and at the same time maintaining executable copies for future modifications and applications

Skills, Qualification and Experience


The deserving candidate should have the following qualifications:


A degree-level qualification in animation or design - Must be well versed with the following software packages:


• Zbursh 4r7
• Geomagic Wrap 2014
• Adobe Photoshop CC
• Photoscan Agisoft

Added advantages will be provided to the candidates having experience working with the following:


• Foundry Mari
• Wrap X
• Capturing Reality
• Artec
• Faro Scene
• Polyworks
• Autodesk 3DS Max / Maya
• TopoGun or similar
• Unreal Engine


Unquestionable experience working with different pipelines together with VFX, CFX, gaming and 3D printing, processing and cleaning VFX and MoCap data and developing models for print and casting.


Good communication skill within a team environment, keep abreast of new procedures and software and capability of executing work within stipulated timeframe.


Apply online - Digital Production Technician (3D Modelling)


Digital Production Technician (3D Modelling)
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