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How to create 3D terrain within sketchup

Go through this exclusive sketchup video to learn how to perform the 3D topography inside sketchup in a perfect manner to produce realistic image.

Follow the steps mentioned below to deliver terrain into your model in sketchup in the following ways:

Capture a location from Google. This is considered as the most convenient method to import terrain, and the phases to perform it show up later in this section.

Import contour lines. If your contour lines include a raster image file, the contour lines in SketchUp can be easily found. While importing actual geometry, one should change the the contour lines to a TIN (triangulated irregular network) by applying the From Contours tool.

Tip: If your contours contain a vector image or a .dwg file (a CAD file format that only compatible with SketchUp Pro), SketchUp imports your contour lines as geometry, instead of an image that should be discovered. For performance reasons, make your contours simpler in your image editor or CAD program as much as possible prior to importing the contour lines into SketchUp.

Import a polygon mesh that originates from a CAD program like AutoCAD. A polygon mesh is similar to a TIN but includes faces with over three vertices. So, a mesh can include polygons, not just triangles like a TIN, and the sandbox tools of SketchUp can be applied to edit the mesh.

How to create 3D terrain within sketchup
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