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How to make perfect 3d animation of the Whitehouse

This exclusive sketchup tutorial is presented by Nam Nguyen. The tutorial shows the step-step processes for creating a 3d animation of the Whitehouse. The 3d model of Whitehouse is developed in Sketchup Pro. This sketchup video will be very useful for architects, 3d designers and 3d visualizers.

SketchUp is an ideal software to animate scenes concerning a 3D model. Animations are useful to exhibit any model from dissimilar angles or distribute shadow studies.

Prior to make an animation, generate scenes of your model, each having diverse settings. As soon as the scenes are prepared to be animated, the animation can be made in one of three ways:

? Perform an animation of the scenes in SketchUp.
? Export the animation to a video file with the format like .mp4, that is compatible with most devices.
? Export an image set, that is an assemblage of image to be animated with video software. (SketchUp Pro only)

As for reference, go through the following sketchup article Animating Sections and Scenes (

How to make perfect 3d animation of the Whitehouse