The Detailed Lists of Top 10 Smartphone Based Apps For Architects in 2016

Recently various mobile based design and architectural apps have emerged in the market which are very useful for the architects to analyze and envisage any design. Given below some exclusive lists of mobile based apps for architects and designers to make their workflow smoother as well as more productive.

Graphisoft’s BIMx App (Free IOS And Android)

BIMx (Building Information Model eXplorer) belongs one of the perfect apps for architects that applies ARCHICAD to demonstrate and distribute designs with clients and contractors. This app provides the ‘BIMx Hyper-model’, an excellent technology to browse the cohesive drawing sheet and 3D building model as well as show building component information. One can also access Pro model.

Autocad 360 (Free IOS And Android)

Autocad 360 is the authorized Autocad mobile app that can be used to upload, open and edit DWG files anytime from any location. This app facilitates the users to see and edit 2D or 3D drawings as well as accomplish effortlessly with files amid a wide array of devices and platforms through an AutoCAD 360 subscription.

Sketchbook By Autodesk (Free IOS And Android)

This app can optimize the digital sketching and painting by obtaining everything out of your slightest drawings to your greatest ideas. It offers more fluid pencils and natural painting. It is also possible to categorize any artwork in Sketchbook’s gallery.


Shapr3D belongs to a 3D CAD app for the iPad Pro only and is designed for being applied with the Apple Pencil. The UI / UX is designed excellently and the snapping engine is integrated with the Apple Pencil makes to enhance productivity. The modelling application is exported to STEP, IGES, STL and imported to STEP, IGES. Here parameters of shapes can be easily modified.

Paper By 53 (Free For IPhone And IPad)

Paper by 53 is the most recognized app useful for general sketching and jotting. It is utilized to obtain notes, highlight details on photos or generate sketches and artwork. There is also inbuilt pencil/stylus to be used with any app. It is best suited for the iPad.

Morpholio Trace (IOS Free)

Morpholio Trace is a very useful app for architects, designers, photographers, artists to efficiently create ideas in layers, convey through drawing markup, and link easily with your network. There are tailor-made palettes for various applications, custom backgrounds for numerous utilizations, organize layers and drawings.

MyPantone (IOS $14.99, Android $7.51)

This app facilitates the users to avail the extensive Pantone catalogue containing more than 13,000 colours and easily generate and distribute colour palettes. Obtain and pull out colours out of photos and snap to the adjacent Pantone colour.

PadCAD (IOS And Android)

PadCad is created for the sake of small drafting projects like home additions, site surveys and small remodelling projects. The users can easily generate neat, coincise CAD drawings and export them to a professional CAD application if necessary.
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MagicPlan (IOS And Android)

MagicPlan can instantly generate professional floor plans and estimates for project. Just snap pictures through camera of any phone or tablet to estimate the rooms as well as draw floor plans. Insert objects, annotations, photos and attributes effortlessly to create reports or total estimates. It is also possible to generate an indoor map instantly.

Concept Idea Calculator (IOS)

With Concept, the architects can access the tools to envisage their ideas prior to make any sketching on the paper. It is similar to a pocket calculator that applies typical span-to-depth ratios for common steel, concrete and wood members, and provides you an instant synopsis of what dimensions are essential for a specific structural idea. This app is ideal for the structural engineers.
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IHandy Carpenter (IOs $2.99; Android $2.69)

It is considered as the lightest and most convenient carpenter tool kit in the globe, right on your Phone. There are 5 tools under one umbrella which range from a plumb bob, surface level, bubble lever bar, steel protractor and a steel ruler.
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The Detailed Lists of Top 10 Smartphone Based Apps For Architects in 2016