Chaos Group has partnered with CL3VER to transform 3D visualization process next level

Chaos Group has tied a knot with the AIA award-winning, 3D presentation start-up CL3VER on a new software project to develop a strong platform on interactive 3D visualization and communication platform for the sake of AEC and design industries. V-Ray will be connected with CL3VER's cloud-based tools, so that the architects will be able to apply strong, convincing visuals on any web or mobile device as well as accelerate the speed of projects and curtail the customer feedback loop.

To make the partnership long lasting, Chaos Group has financed €2 million in CL3VER, which cover a new line of real-time mobile, web and VR applications next spring.

The cloud-based tools of CL3VER will transform designs into interactive 3D presentations that facilitates users to accelerate the completion time of projects and enhance collaboration. The partnership’s initial objective to associate V-Ray, globally recognized rendering technology applied by 92 of the top 100 architecture firms, with CL3VER’s interactive presentation platform. With V-Ray rendering involved, the presentations will out to be more pragmatic that leads to quick design decisions and superior visualizations.

By integrating the capabilities of Chaos Group and CL3VER, a superior platform will be created that can that can set two indispensable tools in a single place, so designs can be accessible and distributed in their greatest form, at any phase of the process.

Presentations have traditionally been a time-consuming part of the AEC project lifecycle, from the first conceptual designs through facilities management. While tools are available, they are often disconnected, making it a challenge to share work with others. With this mutual collaboration, one will get rid of laborious process for presentation and V-Ray’s visualization capabilities will be bridged with CL3VER’s intuitive communication tools allowing the architects to avail strong, fascinating visuals on any browser or mobile device.

CL3VER’s first connection into V-Ray will be the latest V-Ray 3 for Revit, a link that debuted as a demo at AIA 2016. VR compatibility will be available soon.

If you want to use the CL3VER beta, visit:

Chaos Group has partnered with CL3VER to transform 3D visualization process next level
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